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Turn your dreams into reality by finding the perfect home. Whether it’s a cozy cottage or a modern marvel, owning your dream house brings fulfillment, comfort, and a place to create cherished memories.

San Francisco, CA
1,250 Square Feet
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Swimming Pool

Remote Workspace

Great For Large Groups

House Amenities 


Dive into luxury with impeccable swimming pool facilities offering relaxation, fitness, and entertainment. Enjoy crystal-clear waters and resort-like amenities.

Outdoor Kitchen

Transform your backyard with a delightful outdoor kitchen. Experience culinary joy amidst nature’s beauty, creating unforgettable moments of cooking and dining al fresco.

Remote Work Office

Embrace flexibility with remote work. Create a productive, comfortable workspace at home, fostering efficiency and work-life balance for optimal performance.

Rooftop Space

Elevate your living with a multifunctional rooftop space. From serene retreats to vibrant gatherings, maximize your cityscape oasis for diverse experiences.

6 Beds

Indulge in spacious comfort with 6 beds facilities. Perfect for large families or group stays, ensuring restful nights in style.

2 Baths

Experience convenience with 2 bath facilities, offering efficiency and comfort. Ideal for busy mornings and a serene retreat, enhancing daily routines.


Embark on a collaborative journey by joining our partnership. Together, we can achieve mutual success, share innovative ideas, and create lasting impact. Join a community that values synergy, growth, and shared goals. Let’s build a strong foundation for prosperity, where every partner contributes to a thriving future.

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Whether you seek ownership or temporary residence, our houses cater to diverse needs. Choose the flexibility of renting or the permanence of buying, creating a home that suits you.

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